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How do I replace the LCD Screen Rubber Bezel Ring?

I’ve damaged the LCD displays rubber bezel ring.

I have just recently bought a replacement part on eBay. I’ve asked the seller on how to properly replace the piece, but they are not willing to.

Can someone possibly explain how I would do this? I’m not completely tech savvy when it comes to computer internals.

The Retina Display Teardown MacBook Pro Retina Display Teardown gives a pretty good explanation that could be helpful.

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The only trick I have is using a little and I do mean little! dish soap (I use the foam type) coating the rubber and then carefully placing the rubber gasket where it sits and then I use a plastic Halberd Spudger to press the gasket in. Being careful not to stretch it as I go. Ideally start the the top middle doing each side so the large tab ends up sitting properly at the bottom.

Halberd Spudger Изображение


Halberd Spudger


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Would this be after disassembling the Monitor?


@mattdido The gasket is the last step after replacing the LCD if that is what you did.

The best way to understand what's done is watch this YouTube vid jumping to Step 3 Replacing a Window Screen 5-Steps See how the gasket is being pressed into the gap. Thats what we are doing here! You can't use a roller as the gasket will get stretched out. Go slowly and make sure the ends land property.


My Screen is completely fine, it is just the Rubber ring. So I haven't replaced anything.


@mattdido - Can you post a few pic's on what the damage is Adding images to an existing question


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It is NOT POSSIBLE to disassemble the screen without destroying it for this model.

You need to somehow try to pull the rubber ring out and squeeze the new one in through the gap.

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