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Samsung UN60EH6050 dark patch

Hey guy’s this tv has been in my parents house for over 5-6 years and it has been like this for well over 4 years. We thought it’s dead pixels from the start until today , I decided to mess with the tv settings and upgraded the firmware. When watching anything, it shows up as a dark patch, whether it be a much darker yellow background then the rest of the background or black. We ran a picture test and as you can see the pixels look good in that area, maybe a little bit darker, but in the menu grey / black area you can still see it. What can be the cause of this.?

Samsung UN60EH6050 is the model #

60inch tv

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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Hi @alexstreet ,

Try the following:

Disconnect the power from the TV.

Remove the back cover from the TV and disconnect the cable that goes between the mainboard and the power board.

Reconnect the power to the TV.

The TV LED backlights should all turn on (there will be no picture because the mainboard is disconnected).

If the dark patch is still there you have a LED backlight problem, most likely some faulty LEDs in the backlight array

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@jayeff if I disconnect from power supply to main board , then power on tv. You said there won’t be picture, how can I tell if there will be a patch or not? Ima disconnect right now


Hi @alexstreet ,

This is just a test to check if all the LED backlights are working. If some are dead you will have dark patches.

The screen will "light up", not brightly but enough for you to see if there is light there or not



I just disconnected and it is on but I can’t tell


Hi @alexstreet ,

I was hoping that it would be more obvious.

Can you check from the back and look through and see if the LEDs are on in that area of the screen?

Here's a link to a video (not your model TV but the principle is the same) that shows what a LED array looks like.

The fault shown by the video is for two LEDs that have failed and that there is no picture but it may be that there are only some LEDs in your TV that aren't functioning properly


@jayeff i tried :( the area in which the dark spots are is where my tcon inverter is. I think I have to take it apart , here’s some pictures I took of only led working no picture


I feel like it’s mixed results because it could be shadow I’m casting on the screen, and where it looks like there is a patch I actually don’t have an issue there with picture


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