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Released March 2016, 7.0" Galaxy Tablet by Samsung.

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Why cant I get my samsung galaxy tab A 7.0 out of emergency recovey?

why cant i get my samsung galaxy tab A 7.0 out of emergency recovey ? its in a blue screen that says to download samsung smart switch and it still dont work can anyone help please?

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Here’s the navigation

Volume keys: Up is up Down is down

Power button: Enter key

Solution: Navigate to “reboot system now” and if it doesn’t fix try to reset to factory default settings. And if it still don’t work then last resort is to flash a new operating system (only if old os is corrupt.) guide to flash is here (if you REALLY need it, also flashing ersaes all your data as well as factory data reset but you are getting a new os (if you’re not good at it I strongly reccomend to flash a stock ROM.)) Also flashing helps if the recovery screen is frozen or not functioning as intended (Again if you don’t need to flash and you can just get back on track with tw other options I strongly reccomend to follow these methods unless you know what you’re doing.)

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