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Repair guides and support for cassette players.

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Realistic Ctr-70 play and rewind and fast forward buttons broken

I recently had to replace the belt in the player, but now the play, rewind, and fast forward buttons will not stay down. They still work, but I have to hold them down. Does anyone know how I can repair this?

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The most common cause of this is that the belt is not placed inside the unit correctly. Without pulling the service manual for this, I can’t easily describe the belt pathway, but this is where you should look. Check the web for a service manual (I haven’t looked). If you can’t locate it, try looking for similar units. The mechanisms for these don’t vary too much and another model may help to show how the belt is run.

If you are still stuck, post your location and someone with experience may be able to take a look and repair it for you.


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