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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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Backlights not working after reassembly.

I don’t know a lot about MacBook circuitry and I don’t advertise their repairs but there is one customer who does send them. They don’t arrive in a shell just the boards. After repairing the ones that can be repaired they are tested and sent back. I then wait for the text telling me that some of the backlights don’t work. This happens even when the boards have no liquid damage.

When they are returned it is either the fuse or driver damaged.

Can anyone shed some light on how this issue is occurring? It is always on MacBook airs 2012 to 2015 models.  Could it be connecting them up under power or a faulty magsafe or daughter board? I don’t see how a backlight circuit can get damaged in transit.

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Clearly, the order of reassembly is the root issue! You always connect the MagSafe and/or Battery last!

They are shocking the logic board at which time the MOSFET’s get damaged depending on what was connected. In this case its the display, I’ve also seen this when a fake MagSafe charger is plugged in and then the DC-In board or I/O board is connected (live).

I think you’ll need to post a note in your returned boards on expressing this.

Independent of that you should invest in a few displays/shells so you can test the logic board fully before you ship the fixed board back. Or, just tell them you need the full system (which is what I would ask for).

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Thanks Dan. You and arbaman are right about sending the full machine as they very rarely get returned.


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I’d think of two possible explanations here. One might be some bad routine testing, like plugging in a screen with board turned on and working, that would easily short the backlight circuit. The second and more likely possibility would be a faulty testing screen or relevant connecting cable. Faulty magsafe or I/O board can be ruled out in my opinion. It would be better to see how these guys work with the boards after they get them to be sure, but considering how uneasy is to damage always the same components, there must be something wrong with their tools or procedures and I wonder why they’ve not realized that themselves. If I was in your shoes I’d seriously consider stopping supplying repair services unless they start sending the full machine for repair and testing at your end.

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Thanks for those pointers arbaman. Much appreciated.


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