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turn table unknown broken part

Block Image

hi there

so I am fixing this record player and everything was going fine until something happened. I believed that the problem was and old fuse had blown but it seems to be something different. its blown but its not a fuse. I thought it could be some kind of resister, but the symbol dosnt match that of a resistor.

does this symbol look familiar to anyone? and if so is there a way of getting a new one of these. as far as the record player goes its an old Panasonic turn table which I took apart.

thank you in advance if anyone can solve this with me.

~ finn <3

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This is most likely a neon lamp that is used to adjust the speed of the turntable. The symbol is for a lamp. The neon lamp will “flash” at a 60 Hz. There should be a speed adjustment for each selected speed. The ribs on the side of the platter or somewhere seen through a clear plate will seem to stop rotating when the speed is correct.


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Hi @abrsvc ,

You're probably right but I thought that they put a dot in the lamp symbol to indicate that it is a Neon or am I going back too far?



No, you are correct for most applications. In turntables though, I usually only see the lamp symbol as shown. Don't know why. maybe saving cost on the extra paint?? :)


Interesting. In that case would it be a neon lamp or a regular one? Does it make much of a difference? Learning is fun haha


If you trace the wires, you will find that the voltage across the

"bulb" will be AC. This is another indicator of a neon lamp. Again, this is used to adjust the speed to the correct value. The bars on the platter will stop when viewed with the light generated by the neon light.


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I think it is a symbol for an electric bulb or lamp.

Interestingly though when you “Google” the board number as shown in the image posted i.e. SFL 0794V0 you get results for an IR receiver board which may make sense if it is to do with IR reception.

What is the model number of the turntable?

Perhaps if it is as old as you say there may be a service manual or schematic available online. Just search for Panasonic (insert model number) service manual and hopefully there may be a result.

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Hi the Jayeff.

The idea of it being a lamp is actually a really good idea. Which I believe may be right! The smoke inside does seem to be a bulb blow like effect. As far as model numbers go I havnt been able to find any. On the front casing of the original unit it said that it was made by Panasonic. Then mentioned the features of it. Searching this up comes up with a bunch of random units that don’t look like mine. Originally it also had cassette decks and radio.

If it is a bulb do you recommend anywhere I can possibly buy a new lamp?

Thank you so much and advance.

Kind regards Finn



Does the main circuit board in the turntable have a board number on it at all, assuming that the "lamp" board is a separate board?


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