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The ultraportable Latitude E6230 laptop delivers business-class control and high-level productivity in a thin, lightweight design.

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(E6220) How much time is worth investing into repairs?

This pertains to my “purchased for the expensive accessories” E6220 that’s worse for wear. My needs an SSD project one is running strong and I secured a W10 license for it :-). It *may* have had one, but I did it with Win7 first and went to 10 to ensure I got one. Getting that was a huge deal in terms of potentially sealing the fate of the subpar one if it got worse.

The issue with the one I bought as a “parts lot” for the batteries and charger is the wireless drops out at random. I have changed the wireless card, removed the old Dell BCM drivers and it is still happening. I did not try reloading Windows yet, as I don’t know how much it’ll help vs the time investment needed to reload the drivers and restore a backup. I may do it, but I’m not sure because of a very specific issue.

When I went to check it out internally, I found ALL of the screws other then the CPU heatsink plate were loose, and one of them was resting on the charger connector :-(. Not good at all, so I tightened them up and hoped for the best and it held fine for a few days but now, I am finding other issues coming out of hiding after replacing the card. This wireless issue happens after you get too far away and then it slows down until it drops the internet connection - but doesn’t drop the connection entirely. The base cover screw hole is stripped and compromised, so I need a new bottom midframe too.

The other issue is the accessory purchase laptop is my red headed step child. I can’t eMail support with a proof of purchase and a transfer request number with direct instructions on how to handle it, so it’s a dirty orphan I own but is someone else’s as far as Dell sees it. This is mostly why I’m reluctant to do a repair, unless SOMEHOW I get it done this time with my latest educated guesses and I can time sending the proof to them while it’s in progress or they got it when it was reopened.

Knowing about some of the severe things I found and the dirty ownership, beyond reinstalling Windows is it even worth spending a lot of time on it knowing that I got my 1st one (which was successfully transferred) going and it’s in better shape?

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My advice is if the main issue is the wireless, then get a small USB WiFi adapter and be done with it. I always see these problems in laptop integrated wireless adapters and quit using them. The internal antennas are weak anyways. As far as the case, I wouldn’t spend money on case parts. If something on the case is loose just put a drop of gorilla glue on it and forget about it.

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This isn't a whitelist machine so I can use open market cards. The card I installed (Intel 7260AC) is a known good card too - which is why I'm leery of the entire system. Sadly the stripped screw hole covers the access panel :-(. Can't remove the screw and not replace it or hold it with glue.

I think the system was worked on by an idiot before I got to it to top that show off. Even the worst end users don't manage to trash the cover screw hole.

If it wasn't for the dirty ownership info, it may be worth putting more into it. Hopefully it stays working with the wireless antenna swap I did to see if I got it wrong. Doubt it since it's a routine job for me but some are weird. If it still acts up, it may have deeper issues which explains why I got a laptop for the price of the commonly missing accessories :P.


I don’t what you mean “access panel” as there are typically several types of covers on the back of laptops (hard drive, WiFi card, battery, etc.). Good luck!


@drmdolfan The way these premium Latitudes open is you have a single panel for the RAM, WiFi/WWAN cards, hard drive and processor. Hopefully I can get it going again, but getting a 10 license on the nice one changed everything (understandably so).

The E5's are a gamble if it's a panel based system or it needs to be fully disassembled for processor access, but the E6 usually makes it easy from the big cover.


Ahhh. Ok. Well, good luck and hope it works out for you.


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