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GE Digital Messaging System identified by the model number 29875GE1

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Can I retrieve messages somehow deleted when I disconnected system?

I temporarily disconnected the answering machine and when I reconnected it, my 57 saved messages were gone.

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Hi @doctorslow ,

When you say “I temporarily disconnected the answering machine…..” do you mean that you disconnected the power supply from the machine?

If so then unfortunately the machine has been reset and the messages would have been erased.

Was the machine using the default answer greeting message provided or did you record a personal answer greeting message?

If it was a personal recorded message check that the machine has now defaulted back to the standard message.

If so this verifies that the machine has been reset.

The user manual mentions batteries although it doesn’t show where to install them or what they are for.

Is there provision in the back of the machine to install batteries by any chance?

If so this may be a way of saving your messages in the future in the event of a power failure etc, as it may provide backup power to hold the data. This is just a guess on my part if there is a battery compartment in the machine.

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Thank-you very much!!


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