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iPhone Wi-Fi not working following screen replacement

Following a screen replacement, my iPhone 7 has greyed-out the option to connect to Wi-Fi. What would be the best path to resolution, as I’m not at all sure what to do?

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Well, little update, I restored the phone and that seemed to work. However, it still intermittently goes grey, and the mic doesn’t always work either. Very strange…


If it is intermittent and effects the mic it could well be the audio IC signature problem on the 7 series.


@imicrosoldering The Audio IC can affect the wifi?


About 2 percent of the audio IC repairs I have completed have had Wi-Fi problems. It’s not a lot but if it is happening the same time you are having audio problems you shouldn’t rule it out. Your Wi-Fi gets greyed out in settings right? Or just on the home screen?


@imicrosoldering Settings yeah. And when the wifi isn't working, the about page won't load either. Oddly though, the audio never has any problems...


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It is hard to see how the Wi-Fi can become greyed out after a screen replacement. If the screen was replaced due to a drop it has probably damaged the Wi-Fi chip.

The chip would have to be removed and reballed. This would be an expansive repair.

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