MacBook Pro camera not detected

I have 2017 15 inch macbook pro, no any problems so far but suddenly camera doesn’t work. I called Apple Support and they said it couldn’t be hardware issue. Apple Support guy said that if it is hardware problem whole screen has to be replaced.

So, I tried -

  1. SMC resetting
  2. New User Account Stuff
  3. Booting into safe mode
  4. Booting into Windows and Checking camera
  5. Re-installing macos
  6. Tried very apps and stuff and a lot of “fixes” with terminal.

It still doesn’t work after this. I went into system report and it doesn’t detect camera even there and not even on USB list. However, I can see Facetime Camera on windows device manager but I can’t use it. Could this be hardware issue that I have to take it in store for? I don’t have Apple Care. :(

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Have you taken the back cover off and checked the camera connector inside? Is it sitting firmly inside. It's one of the wires coming in from the LCD display


Hi, I have given up at this point.

- Yes, I had tried checking wires nothing wrong.

- I also tried installing Mohave but could not disable Security.

I took it to the genius bar and it turned out I still had Apple Care. The guy at the apple store said that it is not a hardware problem with the camera but something else could be wrong. So, they said they will give me a new one on Friday. Will update.


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