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Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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Cursor moves automatically on screen

We have checked for liquid damage in keyboard and trackpad. Sensors are ok. Current os is lion. System pref settings are ok. Cursor starts behaving erratically and move here and their without touching trackpad at all. Please suggest a solution.

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You mention that you "have checked" for water damage. Did any liquid spill on the machine?


No, no spill on the machine.


Could someone be playing a prank on you with a bluetooth mouse or with screen sharing? I have done that a couple times for a laugh.


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This is a fairly new machine, Warranty?? ( no water damage)

If not under warranty having already checked everything ( connections, resetting system preferences etc).... you could replace the trackpad.

However this may be a problem caused by Lion. ( i have heard of people complaining about this issue with Lion and the latest update i don't recall if it was for this type of machine). See if an apple brand external mouse does the same thing.. if it does take it in for apple support if you still have a warranty.

You could also boot the laptop form an OSX DVD ( Snow Leopard that came with it) and see if it still has this problem...... go from there.

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Yes, it's under warranty...

USB mighty or magic mouse runs ok.

Well said.. trackpad ordered.

Will update after changing


well if it's under warranty and as you said their is no liquid damage, you can just take to your local apple store and they will fix it at no charge....... ( not sure if you have an apple store near you or not).... if not you can call apple, and they should at least be able to tell you of an authorized service center near you.


The problem only got solved after changing the trackpad. Thanks


Please mark Brians answer as "accepted" for future reference.


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