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Repair guides and questions related to Asus VivoBook S300C notebook. Released in 2013.

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Can someone share a light if my panel upgrade would work?


I would like to upgrade the bad TN panel to an A Grade IPS panel in my ASUS S300C. The buildin display is a N133BGE-L41 with 40pins. I found some companies who have this display format factor as an IPS panel with HD resolution.

This is great but I’m concernd that the built in Asus controller may not handle the bigger resolution and the stock touch panel wouldn’t work with a bigger resolution panel.

Anyone did a upgrade like this and can give me an advice is this works?

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You’ll need to check three things to make this work:

  1. Your new display carries the same connector (40 pins) as your old display
  2. Research your GPU specs to see what screen resolution is supported. In most cases, if the connector is the same, it should display video.
  3. Check to make sure the LCD is the exact same size dimensions and the mounting brackets are the same as your old LCD. No point in doing the upgrade if it doesn’t fit!

Best of luck!

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Hey thanks for the response. Yes point 1-2 are cleared. Point 3 regarding those suppliers it does have the same form factor. I will give it a try. I wasn’t sure about the internal connection and if there is some special controller needed for the panels. I did a lot of replacments but no upgrades so I’m happy about an opinion.


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