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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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PlayStation 4 pro psu connector ripped from motherboard

I was cleaning out my ps4 pro to re apply the thermal paste and the psu connector I was trying to remove for the power supply ripped off because I wiggled it too hard. Now I was just wondering if I can solder it back on in the condition is in right now. Have been looking for a similar question everywhere but can’t find one for a pro, thanks in advance!

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Joel Reyes the solder pads look ok but not sure about the connector. For as long as your metal sticking out past the plastic you should be good soldering it back on. Make sure that you do have the experience and tools to solder on the circuit board. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a-U2NNd...

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Hi, thanks for answering. So I was also wondering before I start soldering, do I have to remove any of the green part or is it fine to just place the psu connector right on there align it and start soldering? Pin 3 looks slightly messed up so I’m a bit worried about it as some of the green part peeled off. I also noticed in the video that the psu connector looks different from the ps4 pro models connector but it’s the same concept right?


Also the psu connector has some copper on its wires do I remove it?


Yes same oncept. I'd leave the copper wires connected and try to solder those to the corresponding pads as well. It'll help to make contact. Doesn't look like you have to worry about the "green stuff" as long as you make sure that you solder the connector pins to the right pads without creating a solder bridge between them. If you are unsure I'd take the board to a local repair shop that does some soldering and see if they can do it for you


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Hey bro i had the same problem if was really hard to disconnect my power supply all the videos i watched for them it was really easy and quick to disconnect but not mine,but them it can out with connector and all ☹idk if it can be fixed i didnt find any video of page about this problem hope u have new info and can help each other

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