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Why Does The Error Code F17 Mean On A Fisher And Paykel Fridge

I have a fisher and paykel fridge and ocatonally it will beep when you open it and on the screen it will show a wrench and the error code F17. This is for a Fisher And Paykel fridge not a Whirlpool fridge they did not have a Fisher And Paykel fridge for the device at the time this was made.

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Hi @samuraisammy ,

Here’s a link to the service manual for a RF201A. Hopefully is it a close enough model to be of some help.

According to the manual on this page:

Fault Code 17

Reason: The FC fan is drawing less current than is expected. Either the wiring is open circuit or the fan is faulty.

Primary Action: Check the FC fan wiring and connections at both the fan and the power module

Secondary Action: Check the fan. If faulty, replace

Here is the page that shows the FC (Freezer Control) fan.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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@jayeff Ok ill give it a try


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Well this is a hoot. Your error code is listed as a freezer fan issue

but next to ALL the error codes it says:

You will require a Service Technician to assist



This is a crock! Let me do some more research, who do they think they are? John Deere or Apple (only WE can fix your machine.

Please give me your exact model number and I’ll see if we can’t find some better help.

Her’s where model numbers are located:



You must be from down under

Looks like it is made by Sears and they do offer parts.

See if this video helps:


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@mayer Hi thanks for the help the model number is RF201ADUX1


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