Can't log into any Google Account on Tablet

I have a Verizon Ellipsis 8 Tablet that had been my mother’s before she passed away.  I’m looking to use it as a Wi-Fi only tablet, but it will not let me set up any Google account on the tablet (I can log into gmail through the browser, but it will not allow me to sign into Google Play, or set up a Google account on the tablet).   I have even tried creating a new Google account on the tablet, but still had no luck with it.

Is there a way to fix this issue, or is this tablet pretty much useless now?

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Hi @chyrondave ,

If there is already a Google account on the tablet (go to Apps >Settings >Accounts) do you know the password for the account?

If so try deleting the Account - don't know the tablet but there may be advanced settings if you press the right hand soft key below the screen when you are on the account in Settings)

If you don't know the password then here's Google's response to the question about resetting the password.


We deleted the account that had been on there before. We even did a factory reset as well. If you look at the accounts, there are none.


Hi @chyrondave ,

Very odd.

Check online whether the account is still active and in the Google "Account" whether the device is still listed as associated with the account.

Open a browser window (Google browser?) and sign in to the Google "Account" using the link on the page.

Once into the account type "devices" into the search box at the top of the page and select Devices Security and check if the device is still listed.

If it is click on the 3 vertical dots icon in the wanted device and select sign out to remove the device from the account.

If you don't want or need the account anymore (if it is there)then here's how to delete it.

I don't know if this will do anything but you can try and see if it works


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