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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Roper top load washer machine wont cycle, and also makes a buzz nosie

Hi there, just looking for answers before I spend a lot of money on someone to come fix my washer. It is a Roper top load, and it will fill with water on initial cycle and start doing the wash/agitate cycle, but will not advanced to the next cycle, the knob stays in one spot. If I manually put it to drain It makes a weird humming/ buzzing noise and does nothing. When I turn it to the spin cycle, it will drain completely, but wont spin after that point, like it is stuck in the same position, any pointers or tips will be appreciated thanks!

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if you hear a humming noise when the washer is supposed to be spinning something is physically blocking the motor from turning or the motor is bad. Depending on the age and model it could be anything from a motor coupler to shifter solenoid to a transmission. If you have a model number that would help to diagnose.

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roper washer model rtw4340sq0, some people are telling me it could be the timer because the agitating and stuff works, it’s just not cycling


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