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The March 2015 update of Apple's 11" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Fan on full speed, only Facetime has temperature problem


I know there are many of similar questions, but I didn’t find the answer or there are some differencies.

I have Macbook Air 11 early 2015 and the problem is:

  • the fan runs on full speed
  • Facetime says the temperature is high

What I checked:

  • I don’t know of any liquid spill (but you never know)
  • Because there is no ASD for this model, I started the computer with holding D (for diagnostic) and “no error” apeared
  • I installed app TG Pro and all temperatures are in green
  • I’ve reseted SMC and NVRAM by Apple’s recommendation
  • UPDATE: I’ve purchased TG Pro full licence and it shows (These sensors may not be working propertly: Hard Drive)
  • UPDATE: Quicktime video recording uses camera without any issue.

Could it still be faulty sensor when no problems were found but Facetime says something else?

Here are some images of iSight connector area and cable. No corrosion as I can see. (please note that the cable is not fully attached in some images - it was before taking the photos):

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Thank you


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The iSight camera is within the lid and the small logic board its connected to has a sensor! The connection down on the logic board is also a strong possible failure area.

Sadly, the onboard diagnostics is a bit limited, I do believe the full version of TG Pro will pop an error but do you really need it, given the fact the FaceTime app tells you there’s an issue.

Take a good clear set of pictures of the connector area and cable ends (both sides) and post them here for us to see Adding images to an existing question

Update (02/16/2020)

OK, I think I see your problem!

The connector is not fully seated!

Here’s yours

Block Image

And here’s one that’s just being disconnected

Block Image

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Unfortunately you probabely did not notice the last sentence in the brackets, where I wrote, that the cable was fully attached before I took the pictures and of course I return that back. So this is not the case. But I thank you for your effort.


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Just wondering if you had any progress? I just began having exactly the same problem today and have the same model of Macbook Air.

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Unfortunately not. I just bought this app https://www.tunabellysoftware.com/tgpro/ and it shows that "hard drive sensor MAY not be working propertly", but it shows no higher temperature. So I have overriden the fan with this app (checking all temperatures). I think we can stick with it right now. It is my little daughter's computer so it is not vital.


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