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Can I still get music off my iPod if--

I was wondering if I can still get the music off my iPod. All that's left of the iPod is the logic board and battery. I've had it plugged into my computer but nothing has came up. Someone told me I probably have to reconnect the display and click wheel for it to work. I took it apart to replace the battery and accidentally tore the ribbon that connects to the click wheel so idk.

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Jeremy Floyd you will need the click wheel. You can most likely disassemble everything outside the case to just get it to start up and be recognized if there is no other damage on it.

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When I plug up another iPod it starts right up without me using the click wheel or does the click wheel automatically send a signal through?


It is possible that your iPod's firmware is checking for things that work etc. If it does not connect you know you have other issues with your logic board.


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