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The tenth generation Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks that was produced by Ford Motor Company, it was sold from the 1997 to the 2004 model years.

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Why will my truck not start?

Ok the truck was running battery went dead we replaced the battery and terminals, truck started back up ran fine for a couple days, then a couple days later it wouldn’t start again so we changed the alternator still would not start so we changed the starter still not starting . when turn the key it just makes a click and thats it, thought maybe a bad starter so replaced it again and still nothing , help can’t figure it out.

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Have you checked that the replacement battery is OK and that it has not gone flat also?

What is the voltage measurement across the battery terminals?


Yes we have done that voltage is good all the way to the turn of the key, but nothing


Check for proper grounds. Connect something like a set of battery cables from the battery (must be known to be good) to the starter. Turn your lights on and try to start. Let us know if the lights turn dim etc. You did check all fuses etc.


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When you say then nothing. Are you loosing voltage when you turn the key to crank position? Also I been coming across alot of same condition on resold vehicles where a gps kill switch has been installed and is malfunctioning. Key on arc the solenoid on the firewall with a screwdriver…if truck starts look under steering column cover for gps spliced the into ignition switch. Hope this helps.

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