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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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MacBook does not power on, but does chime when I connect power.

Edit: I believe I was on Catala 10.15.3

My issue is that the laptop will not turn on, the screen stays black, I don’t even see the Apple logo.

It was working a few hours ago, I shut it down, then less than an hour later went to turn it on and it did not turn on. Both times it was not connected to any external accessories, although on most days I do use the Vava VA-UC006 USB-C Hub for both an external display and charging.

What happens:

  • No Fan
  • Caps lock button does not light up when pressed
  • Screen stays off
  • I DO hear the chime when I connect it to power.
  • Power button seems to work (kind of). If I connect my phone to it, it’ll charge/stop charging when I hold the power button down and turn it on/off but nothing otherwise.

Steps taken so far:

  1. Attempted both SMC & NVRAM Reset by both myself and apple
  2. Apple Genius Bar opened it up, disconnected the battery and reconnected it

I’m still under warranty, and Apple has ‘repaired’ it twice for this same exact issue. The first time they replaced the logic board, the second time they replaced everything but the screen.

I would love ideas as to:

a - how to fix it


b - what kind of things I might be doing that could lead to this kind of issue.

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Did you sign up for AppleCare + service contract? If not you really need to!


Created an account just to say here I’m having the exact issue. MBP2019 using a hub for power and keyboard, it won’t boot after a force shutdown. It’s still on after unplug the power, bc the trackpad is clicking, tried all the resetting but no use.


hi! have you fixed it?


@Rongtian Li & @cstrp - If your system is still under warranty I would get my system to Apple ASAP!

Beyond that there seems to be issues with some third party Hubs and Thunderbolt/USB-C power adapters so I would make sure not to use one as that might be the cause of the power logic within the system getting damaged. Apple's Thunderbolt standard is not clear on current transients limits. Depending on what you are doing you can create one plugging in or disconnecting devices.


Yeah, I went to the store, but all they did was the combination keys I've tried many times. Replaced the mobo, it's in cover and I had the important stuff backed up, so no big loss in the end. I'm still gonna need the hub for the display though, but probably not plugging the power into it, that might be the cause now that I'm thinking.

The hub I'm using is ugreen cm136



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It’s best not to use your hub for power at all!

There is still a sizable difference between a USB-C hub and a Thunderbolt 3 hub! Apple didn’t do us any favors offering Thunderbolt using the same connector as USB-C.

Treat your hub as a multi-port dongle and use your other Thunderbolt port on your system for supporting your Apple power adapter using the original Apple cable it came with.

To add to the confusion there are different USB-C cables! None are marked clearly! Some USB-C cables don’t offer the thicker wires for power, others don’t even offer them or may not connect to all of the pins needed. Thunderbolt cables while they look the same are still different!

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