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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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I’m from India I recently Purchased US version series 4 Apple Watch

I’m from India I recently purchased  a US version series 4 Apple Watch with a cracked display.

I had a new display assembly put on, but the technician didn’t transfer the NFC chip from old display assembly.

My watch is working now but in future if I unpair my watch and pair it again or am I stuck? Because I don’t have old screen.

In India we don’t have Apple Pay support yet so I don’t need it.

But watch Is US version even I want to confirm that if unpair it will pair or not

Kindly help me

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The NFC module only deals with payments it won’t effect your usage. Unpairing and re-pairing to a new iPhone won’t be an issue. But of course if and when Apple Pay services are introduced in India your watch won’t work.

Update (03/11/2020)

You’ll need a PC or Mac system which you can setup to monitor your WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Then you should be able to see what is happing when you try to pair your watch to your iPhone.

As an example here is the needed apps for MacOS:


If you reset your watch you’ll loose access to it! If you have someone else’s display assembly. A new assembly won’t have this issue.

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I unpair my watch it won’t repairing

While pairing automatically screen shows unpairing Apple Watch on my Watch app

What I do

I don’t have old screen now


Then your real issue is the Bluetooth and Wifi connections between the watch and your iPhone.


I tried with several iPhones

Can’t activating my watch


Did you check your Bluetooth & WiFi services?


Yes , I tried over 40 times

What’s the solution

I don’t have old screen

Kindly help me


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Hello Dan !

Sorry for giving you trouble

Please advice lastly if issue happened with WiFi & Bluetooth how to resolve that

Kindly advice


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You will need a new SIP unit if both have failed, Otherwise the antenna connection are damaged.


Can you send the antenna pic &

where is located in Apple Watch &

Again it cause any pairing issues ?


Replacing the SIP is only > IF < the Bluetooth and WiFi were not working.

Before you reset your watch it was working with your iPhone correct?

As I said as long as you don't do that you'll be OK. Now your failure is due because your NFC chip not being ID'd to your user ID the watch is expecting as you reset your phone.

You would need the correct SIP unit for your phone. Each series has different SIP units. As Apple doesn't sell parts directly you can't buy the part you would need to find another broken watch to transfer the part from. That would fi the antenna issue if that was your problem.

I think we are going in circles here ;-{ I think its time to get a brand new watch directly from Apple (never used)


Yes, before reset it was working but I observed it was long time to booting up average 5 to 8 minutes

At first day when I changed screen it was stuck on Apple logo for 1 hour

That time only I had doubt it has damaged any component

In that reason only I erased Watch

And also here in my country no Apple Pay

Still it caused with NFC


Sorry ;-{ Time for a new Apple Watch


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