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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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A few drops of tap water on the keyboard.

Hi, I had a few drops of tap water on my macbook today. They were on the keyboard around the spacebar. Basically, after I washed my hands, a few drops of water remained on my hand and they dripped on the keyboard. Could this be a problem? Thanks.

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Hello @bldvc23

Any type of water contact could potentially cause issues with a laptop. Thankfully, it was only a couple of drops of water. As long as it wasn’t like a glass of water (or a gallon of water) it should probably be okay. That’s not to say that there is no water that got inside the laptop and damaged it at all, just that the laptop should still function correctly. If you experience issues such as where one or a couple of keys do not work, then you may need to look into possible critical water damage to the laptop. The only reason why water damage on the keyboard of Macbooks is so damaging is that the motherboard to the laptop is located right underneath the keyboard.

On the bright side, if issues do occur with the keyboard the keyboards of the Macbook pro are replaceable. However, this repair is quite difficult so be advised if you want to proceed with replacing either the logic board or keyboard.

I would highly recommend investing in a keyboard cover for your Macbook. You can get one cheap for only a couple of US Dollars on eBay, and the best quality ones that I’ve come across are about 20 USD.

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