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Apple выпустила смартфон 4 ноября 2017 года в двух различных конфигурациях: A1865, A1901 и дала название iPhone X. Доступны варианты с разными стандартами мобильной связи: GSM или CDMA; с двумя объемами хранилища: 64 или 256 Гб; двумя различными оттенками корпуса: серебристый и Space Gray.

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Multiple answers : Unable to activate FaceID

So having trouble getting the straight answer on Unable to Activate FaceID after parts swap.

Cracked my back glass and had a bricked X which I could use parts from.

So I swapped the logic board into replacement housing, hooked screen back up and powered on.. Screen was dancing around (I guess digitizer is wonky) and message that FaceID unavailable. So decided to use host phones screen. One answer I read was I needed to use earpiece assembly / cable due to ID branding. So I swapped these.. Hooked screen and powered on. Screen better but still FaceID unavailable.

Now my main question is.. What needs to be swapped from original to new in my situation?Does the front camera assembly (which cable goes under battery) need to be?

I hope using the phone as/is will not brick FaceID..

Thanks in advance,


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What needs to be retained for the working phone is the same face ID camera and earpiece flex.

It is the two cameras sitting on the housing and the cable going to the earpiece speaker and other faceid components.

If one is used from another phone it'll stop faceid from working.

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Had a feeling that was it, but was hoping just the earpiece assembly was all because now I have to pull the battery.. Blah! Thanks for the confirmation


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There are 8 components packed into the front of the phone. Infrared Camera; Flood Illuminator; Proximity Sensor; Ambient Light Sensor; Speaker; Microphone; Front Camera; Dot Projector;

The infrared camera, the dot projector, and the front camera are located on the back glass assembly.

The flood illuminator, the proximity sensor, the ambient light sensor, the speaker and the microphone are located on the display assembly.

Please be careful when disassembling or repairing the phone. Damage of any of these components will cause Face ID failure.

Why Face ID Not Working After Repair

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