Dead battery and weird power cycle at login

Hello. Have answered a few questions here but have never asked one.

I have a mac pro early 2013.

The battery holds absolutely no charge. Tried resetting as many things possible, smc, pram, unplug the physical battery, ran the disk check, etc. No luck. Fans are running full speed(is this because the battery is detected as dead/not recognized?

The only way I can get the machine started is by holding the power key for 5 seconds then plugging the mag in.

If I get a new battery will this make the fans run at a normal speed? Or even able to run without the step I used to start it above?

I have reinstalled OSX. When the computer powers on and loads the home screen it will flash off and restart itself.

If I turn the brightness down halfway before I log in, it logs in problem.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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No one knows?

Has to be someone out there that has fixed this.


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