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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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DS Lite showing no image, Pluging it in turns on the light for one sec

Hi there, i have 2 DS Lite and wanted to place the working motherboard of one of them into the working shell of the other. I followed the iFixit tutorial, reassembled everything and testes, the DS turned on but the bottom screen was all white.

So i disassembled again, resetted the ribbon cable of the bottom one, then retried, only now it just dosen't do anything, and pluging it in just turns on the orange light for one second and nothing else...

any suggestion ? everything should be plugged in correctely, can send pictures

Also, i let it sit during the night, when i tried pluggin it in it worked… but the bottom screen was flickering white, so i resetted the ribbon again…. back to the won’t turn on problem…

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I think that you either have not completely plugged the ribbon cable in securely enough, or you may have accidentally damaged a part. You may need to check for broken parts and get replacements for any that have been damaged or broken.

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Hello, for some reason the DS worked after leaving it sit again. Tho the L button dosen't seem to work, even tho the trigger clicks correctely and seems to work fine. (The motherboard is coming from a DS with the l button glued in to keep it from breking in half so not a surprise). Opened it, unplugged and replugges again, and now still in dead state until it'll re work i guess...


Perhaps if you leave it to sit, you can get it to work, at least temporarily. My TV had a problem with some similarities to this, and I found it worked temporarily if I left it to sit for some time. After a while, it seems to have recovered on its own.


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