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white /rainbowcolor vertical lines on screen

screen is now either rainbow color vertical lines with a white backround or jsut stright white. ive reset it by holding both buttons to turn it off. i get nothing. I used to just be able to do that and it would work again. oh yea this has been an ongoing issue but would fix it self untill now. the issue won't resolve. before it would be playing a game and it woudl seem to short out (flicker and such) then turn white. i could tap it a few times or press hard ont he upper right corner of the screen. with it on the black screen then test it out and it woudl work.

so ive takent he screen off inspected everythign seems to be in good working order. nothing lose nothing ripped ( as in the ribbons) i took the lcd off i even disconnected the logic board fromt eh battery ive been reading all the problems people have had that sound similar. any one have a solution?

thanks John

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it may be the lcd, but it may also be a sign of nand flash going. try a new screen or a known working screen from a friend and see what you get.


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Best thing to do would be replacing the LCD screen. Sounds like your LCD is pooched. (wrecked)

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i replace LCD screen and all was fine, but after 10h of work vertical lines is back! :( replace LCD for 10h of work again ? :D

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