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The HP Split x2 is a 13" hybrid tablet/laptop combination was sold in mid-2013. The HP split is easily identified by its pull apart design.

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modify motor in fan?

I have a hp split x2 13 m010dx that has a i3-3229Y that runs at 1.4Ghz and im trying to get 1.5GHz or 1.6GHz, I am on a really tight budget so i cant get a new laptop . So Im wondering if I can upgrade the motor in the fan in some way or maybe upgrading it. Is it possible?

alos when it starts up sometimes its sort of laggy, like its outputting 2fps. any thoughts?

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Hi @fegelein3290 ,

If you are looking to replace the fan, then the part number for the fan is 732273-001. The part number is referenced from the HP service guide for your laptop.


See page 48 to see to see fan removal steps.

I would not suggest trying to replace the motor on the fan.

A better upgrade would be to install an SSD if you have not done so. Please reference pg 35 of the service guide.

Pg 53 also references a slot for an mSATA drive that you can install as well.


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