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The Visual Land Prestige Elite 8Q is an 8-inch Android tablet produced by Visual Land.

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How can I unblock my tablet? I forgot my password

can’t open my tablet I forgot my password I’ll tried every thing and can’t do it

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I'm at 53-year-old grandmother with 14 grandchildren and I'm having a hard time resetting this password it's for one of my grandsons I bought him this for Christmas and he is autistic and his father just recently passed and his dad was the one with the password to get into it so I'm having a difficult time I wish you would make it a little bit easier for people like us to understand and reset these things why can't there just be a you know button on it this is bypass password LOL


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Hi @Amy Miles

Here's a link that may help - scroll down to Method 2.

Note: Be aware that if it does work that all your personal data and downloaded apps that were on the tablet will be erased. The tablet will be reset to its factory default condition.

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Thank you so much 😁😘 I believe I 2as about to start crying


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Check the company website for factory reset instructions. Perhaps pressing one of the buttons while turning power on - a common reset method.

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