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How do I transfer info from one internal HD to another?

I need to need to upgrade my internal HD in my MacBook. How do I get all of the information (documents and programs) from my current internal HD to a new internal HD? What is the best HD for my MacBook?


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You'll need an external SATA hard drive enclosure. They cost about $17.00 on eBay or you can find one at BestBuy. Put the new drive in the enclosure and format it with Disk Tools and set it one partition. Download http://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/S... This is a great little program and it’s free. I bought the upgrade, I thought so much of it, and it’s a lot faster. Run the SuperDuper and then switch out the hard drives. Now you can use the old drive, if it is still good as a Time Machine backup.

As for a new drive I really like the Western Digital 320 GIG Scorpio Black, it's faster, I've had no problems with them and they are under $100.

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You could also just buy another external hard drive, and use that as a backup, and clone as mayer suggested, then you can use the drive as a backup drive afterwards. You should always backup your data so it's a good thing to have.

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