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What is the difference between glossy and anti-glare top cases?

I need to substitute the top case of my Macbook Pro 15'' Unibody 2.53 Ghz Mid 2009 (model A1286), and would like to know what are the specific structural differences between the glossy and anti-glare top cases, as they have different reference numbers (anti-glare: 661-5297; glossy: 661-5244).

I have a normal glossy screen, but I found an excellent auction on Ebay for an anti-glare top case with a great price. I just need to know if there are major differences, and if it fits my laptop.

Thanks in advance!

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Problem solved!

Just found out that an anti-glare top case fits the glossy laptop models (but not the other way around).

Both top cases are exactly the same, except that the anti-glare version has the airport antenna placed in the top case and not inside the lcd screen fitting, next to the hinges.

All you have to do is to unscrew and pry the airport antenna, which is located underneath the optical drive, and you can use the anti-glare top case on a glossy screen laptop.


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Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the anti-glare case because they are not compatible with each other.

I seeked the answer to the same question and asked the folks at iFixit about it.

"The Anti Glare models use a different style of display hinge that make them incompatible with a standard upper case." -Michael Degnan, iFixit.

Sorry! :|

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