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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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Why can I not see anything on my screen.

My tower boots up fine and the cords are good, but earlier I rested pc start up to default due to it not being able to find a boot device now nothing shows up on my monitor

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@idkcomputer try your monitor on a separate device to rule it out as the problem. What I am concerned with is the no boot device. You say your “tower boots up fine “ but did not tell us if you can see the BIOS screen etc. That is where you want to start with once you know your monitor is okay. It sounds to me like there is a possibility that your OS is not found and your computer just hangs instead of a POST etc. Try to access the BIOS to check on the settings.

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Hi @idkcomputer

Check to see if your PC has multiple video outputs. If it does, try to connect the monitor to one of those other ports. Often times there are video outputs on the motherboard (on the rear up top) and on a video card (on the rear but lower). The default video output can be changed when a system reset (BIOS reset) is done.

Once you have video, you can check the BIOS as @oldturkey03 suggested to see if there are any Hard Drives (HDD) or storage media present.

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