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Why does the compressor starter keep failing every two weeks?

Hi I have a Whirlpool Gladiator model#GARF19XXPK01. Manufactured 4/06. Quit cooling with fans on. Checked compressor according to videos. No shorts or opens.Replaced starter and capacitor and worked fine for two weeks. Starter failed again. I have gone through 6 starters and all have failed in the same amount of time. (2 weeks). Tried different companies trying to get different manufacturer but all are marked identical. Last one I tried was different. It is a RCO810. It failed in 10 days. Compressor is quiet when running and seems not to heat excessively. Refridge is completely clean. Fans, evaporator, condenser and vents. What am I missing?

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Is the refrigerant leaking? Do you have any air or water still in the lines?


Hi Dan. No, no leaks. Everything seems to be normal until the starter quits. Have the thermostat on middle setting. Fridge is sitting in same place for 13 years so no blockage. The starters do rattle after they quit.


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@butchjoiner ,

Interesting that the start/run capacitor fails every time

It may be shorted turns in the windings on the compressor motor which you wouldn't pick up with an ordinary meter too easily.

You need to check the amount of current flowing through the motor both at start and run. Maybe with an AC clamp meter

Just trying to eliminate things ;-)

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Thank you. Yeah figuring it has to be something with compressor. Will be cheaper in the long run to just buy another fridge.@jayeff


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