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PS4 randomly shuts down

Hi folks :-)

PS4 Shuts down for no aparent reason. Just before it shuts down, for around 1/4 second the picture becomes gibberish.

System has latest updates, and has been restored and initialized. Tested with known god powersupply. The system is very clean. I have triet to apply tension on APU with washers. WIFI vs. LAN makes no difference. It can work for 30 seconds, up to 10 minutes. Safemode will also sometimes crash. Have tried different HDDs and fresh heat-paste has been applied.

Im out of ideas, other than attemting reflow og rebslling of APU. But I mainly suspect RAM-chips, due to the randomness, and the gibbberish seen on screen. Also there is some error code when starting up, but not always. Tried powering directly to mains without power-brick.

When the system shuts down it will stay off until I press the power buttton. Any suggestions?

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Did you try to relocate it to another room? Maybe there is some electromagnetic interference in the current room. Try to drain the console fully from power by disconnecting the AC cord and holding the power button for 30 seconds. Check that there isn’t any dust on any connection pins where the HDD and motherboard meet. Clean the connection just in case. Try running every option in safe mode. Try to run games from the HDD and Blu-Ray to see if there is any difference. I had a similar problem with my PS3. Turned out that the Blu-Ray was faulty.

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