Finding longer ribbon cables for Sony Playstation 4 Disk drive?


I am in the starting steps of disassembling my PS4 and Xbox One to build them both into an old PC case to make a dual-boot console. I have all of the core components out of their respected cases, and now I am trying to lay out how I will fit these within the PC case.

Fortunately, the disk drive for the Xbox uses a standard SATA cable, so it will be easy to extend this to spread out the components within the case. As for the PS4 drive, it uses ribbon cables of varying widths and pins with the following part number: AWM 20706 105 C 60V VW-1.

I have only begun to look up one of the cables, but I know one of the three cables is a 9-pin 0.3CM wide ribbon flex cable. I would need one that is at least 15 inches long, but am having a hard time finding one with these dimensions.

Alternatively, I could connect multiple short cables, but I am also having a hard time finding a 9-pin 0.3CM wide Flat Cable Connector.

If anyone could help me find a cable with these dimensions so I can begin to look for the others that I need I would be very grateful.

Thank you,


Update (03/24/2020)

Following up,

I am looking at the numbers on the cables and they are all identical. While two of the three cables appear to have different amounts of pins with the same length, one of the cable’s pins are visibly wider. Regardless, would I be able to buy a longer cable with similar width pins and tediously cut it vertically to get the amount of pins that I need?

Let me know what you think.

Thank you,


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