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Can I replace the cracked display frame that mounts the LCD?

Looking to revive my old Macbook Pro 2009. It has been sitting in the basement because I have cracked the Metal Frame that mounts the LCD which is why I can’t close it. Everything else works fine except the wifi but that may be an issue with my battery since it already has a service warning. Any suggestions where I can find a replacement or what to search for (because I have been because welding it is not an option. Thank you!

Block Image

Block Image

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This is a well known issue. I have repaired several using a heavy buildup of epoxy. I also used cut paper clips as a sort of rebar imbedded in the epoxy.

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I am planning to test something out because I have some small thin steel bars lying around might use it to reinforce the bracket but I might try to screw it in to be more secure. Are their any wires/ pcb /components underneath or inside the bracket that might get damaged if I drill 2 holes on it?


You can drill. If you look at it, this is a very thin spot in the frame and they all break in the same location. I also used a Dermel type of tool with a cutting disk and roughed up the surface to help creat a better physical lok of the epoxy.


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