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The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 11" is a touchscreen laptop that can also be transformed into a tablet. It features a 360-Degree Flip-and-Fold design that encompasses four modes—laptop, stand, tablet, and tent mode. It was released in 2013.

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Repair estimate on Levono Ideapad


I was wondering if you could give me an estimate as to how much it’d cost to repair a broken screen on one of these. Thanks

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this is not a shop for every device. We (possibly) help you to learn to fix yourself. For you look for youtube videos and search in ebay for your device. Buy a screen and replace.

BTW, seems the screens are around $100 in eBay,


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It would depend on what size screen and model you have. If it's the correct one I have a couple new screens I'll send you one for the price of shipping.

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