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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Can USB-C issues be caused by low battery capacity?

Hi all,

Recently out of nowhere my MBP 13” (function keys, 2017, no Apple Care, out of warranty) started acting out in the following combination of ways.


  • Both ports stopped recognizing external display using the usb-c to hdmi adapter I used reliably a while before
  • Around the same time my battery started reporting “Service Battery“ state
  • The USB-C port closest to user (front) is only taking ~5V when charging, while the other USB-C port (back) is charging at ~19V (I have current measuring USB-C device)
  • If I want to use external SSD for backup/data transfer it works on both ports but sometimes I need to plug the other port for charging for device to be recognized
  • Up until recently, I also noticed that sometimes MBP would shut down when I would close the laptop instead of going to sleep (though after resetting SMC/NVRAM I never experienced this again)


  1. resetting SMC/NVRAM
  2. updating system to the latest MacOS version
  3. running diagnostics (only service battery was reported, which later on disappeared)
  4. plugging/unplugging cords in different combinations
  5. using different usb-c hub with direct power-in that used to work before as well

Here is the charging report from CoconutBattery

For back USB-C port:

Block Image

For front USB-C port:

Block Image


Is there any chance this issue will be resolved (especially the one about recognizing external display) if I would just replace MBP battery?

Or is this almost definitely characteristic of logic board issue?

I was thinking about taking up a task of buying a replacement kit and replacing the battery myself while in self-isolation due to pandemic, but would not attempt replacing logic board myself.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Let's check the battery & charging logic. Install this gem of an app CoconutBattery. Post a snapshot of the apps main window for us to see with the charger in each port. Adding images to an existing question


@danj Thank you for the suggestion. I just updated the initial question with the screenshots from CoconutBattery.


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Well, that’s interesting! One port is charging with 2.26 Watts (I assume its the 5 Volt port) and the other 4.77 Watts 19 Volts on the good.

Sadly, I haven’t seen this problem, so you’ve taught me something new!

Each port has its own power controller which then feeds the logic board its power. So I would say your logic board needs attention.

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Thank you Dan! The weirdest part about this is that it appeared out of nowhere, and I'm in general extremely careful with the laptop. That said I do use it for a lot of computationally heavy tasks.

So you think there is little chance that replacing battery will resolve the issue?


The batteries charing logic is on the other side of the USB-C port power controllers, as such it won't explain the difference between the ports.

740 cycles is still less than the expected lifespan of the battery (1,000 cycles). So I would wait awhile before going down that path.


Great, thank you! I'll wait till they reopen Apple Stores and look into full check-up then.


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Georgiy I have the same make and issue, did you found a solution?

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Same here. Any suggestion ?

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