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Repair guides and support for gas, electric, and human powered machines used to cut grass, whether push style, or ride-on.

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Honda Harmony 215 Lawn Mower Service Manual?

Hi, I have the lawn mower referenced in the title. Maybe someone on here has or knows where to find the service manual for it. It is a self-propelled, 21", mulching mower. It has trouble with high grass, by high I mean about 7" tall. The deck is set at the 2nd highest setting it can be set to. It cuts the grass fine for about 4' then won't cut it at all. If you disengage the blades, then re-engage them it is good for another 4'. The blades are sharp, installed correctly. There is no center nut/bolt holding the blades, on this model. There are 2 bolts holding the blades to what in appearance is more than likely a centrifugal clutch assembly. Any useful help on this would be greatly appreciated and rewarded by ifixit points. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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how do you replace a starter rope on a honda harmony 216 gas powered engine?


Drain the gas out of the tank using a model airplane transfer pump.

Undo any snap or clip fasteners and remove any screws holding it together. Be sure to wear safety glasses in case anything snaps loose. Save any screws or loose parts for re-assembly

Take the recoil assembly to your local mower supply shop and show it to the counter guy.

Tell him you need the parts to make it work.

He'll give you the rest of the info you need.

Alfred Schrader 8/2016


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Honda mowers have crazy long model numbers, of various types/options and engines for the same main model line or model ID for lack of a better term.

So the best way to get the service manual is the Honda website, where you put in a bunch of information , serial number and model.... a DNA sample etc etc to get the manual for your specific mower.

There is a recall of the honda mowers for models HRB216TXA or HRB216HXA .

Something to do with safety if the crankshaft is stuck with enough force to damage the safety blade off system, or or something like that.

So if your in this model year range it may have a replacement under recall Possibly solving your problem in the process since these parts may be replaced anyway.

Meanwhile if there is some kind of clutch issue slipping,......... could try using the bag and the highest setting while walking extremely slow may at least allow you to get it cut..... we have some kind of Zoysia grass and that stuff is THICK requiring this technique esp. during the summer.

Not assuming you have not tried this, just sayin.

output shaft prob. have a belt way up there somewhere. ( landscaping while in highschool, even the big fancy riding mowers all belt drivin).

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After reading this I rushed out with a cotton swab to get a DNA sample from the mower to upload to Honda when attempting to acquire a service manual. lmao Seriously though I will look into things at the Honda site a bit better. Unfortunately my mower was made right before the one's you mention being recalled. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience to help solve my problem.


By the way Honda wants your DNA too. Where do I send the cotton swab and vial?


sounds like it might be the bearing. I had an issue where it would cut about 2 ft then the blades stopped spinning. Replaced the bearing and good as new.


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