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Repair guides and service information for CareFusion LTV 1200, 1150, and 1100 series ventilators.

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Does anyone know what Bloom Energy is fixing on these?

Lots of PR about Bloom Energy fixing these LTV 1200. 500 so far.

What are the common fixes ?

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From photos, batteries for sure (most likely lead-acid).



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indeed probably batteries. aarc.org has LTV manuals... the models I checked had LiOn and the battery is supposed to be removed for storage. The battery will discharge otherwise. Disconnected the manual says it loses 10% per month, so discharged in less than a year.

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Batteries and filters mainly, pressure calibration and flow calibration. I doubt they are doing everything that is necessary for proper calibration. Each unit would take 4-5hrs i read in an article they are getting over 100+ out daily

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I recently acquired some units that were "serviced" by Bloom energy - maintenance stickers say " unit functionally tested"

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