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The Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 was released in 2016 with the model number SM-J120AZ UD. It is a smartphone running the Android operating system.

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Broken LCD screen, battery problems, how to fix it?

My Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 has multiple issues right now. One is a cracked LCD screen, not the glass of the phone. The cracks were seen invisibly black, was seen in this photo because I think the glass of the phone is broken. It was the LCD or the LED screen.

Block Image

Then I tried to jump-start my phone’s battery using a 9V battery

Block Image

into my removable battery and my phone’s battery was working, with full revival energy in the battery.

Once I charged my phone with a revived battery, something was wrong. It doesn’t have the screen on or the phone wasn’t charging. It also doesn’t vibrate and the charging box doesn’t heat. When I did these steps below, it doesn’t work.

  1. Charging my phone
  2. Removing my battery and putting it back again
  3. Pressing any button with the power button

At least an hour after charging, the phone’s removable battery drained because the screen wasn’t on. And my phone wasn’t charging either. I jumped start my phone using the 1st and the 3rd sockets rather than 1st and 4th as seen in the WikiHow image compared to my phone’s image:

Block Image

Block Image

(Sorry for the focus, red means positive while black or blue is negative)

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If that 9V battery was able to charge your cellphone battery, odds are you fried it. Lithium batteries need to be pulse charged and at a proper voltage so that 9V battery was more than double what it can handle. It may have worked temporarily but you most likely damaged that cellphone battery. Use a multimeter, set it to DC volts and touch the corresponding contacts with the probes. It should read anywhere between 3.6v and like 4.4v

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I don't have a multimeter, and my battery's voltage went down when I charge this phone, and my phone doesn't turn on because the screen wasn't lit.


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