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My screen keeps flickering and I am having problems booting.

Hello, i have a 17 Inch MBP (non-unibody) model A1229.

First, when i boot, i get these two black bars on the edge of the screen, and the spinning wheel on the boot screen had frozen. Here's an image

Block Image

I had followed the instructions on this page

So i was able 2 boot the MBP. However then i had noticed that the screen was flickering incredibly fast (about 3 times per second) and the computer was unresponsive. I think it may be the graphics card, however i am not 100% sure. Please help D:

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Hook your machine up to an external monitor to test out the graphics card. There are several things on your link. Which one did you use to be able to boot. You may be having more than one problem. Try booting from your system installation disk and let us know your results. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number so we know your exact machine. There are about 10 models in the A1229 line. Also, can you give us a history of any problems this machine has had?

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I had this problem after replacing the screen on my Macbook Pro A1261. When I 'zapped' the PRAM Battery it solved this – Turn off Laptop, hold down - alt, cmd, P and R buttons and press power button – hold down until mac turns on, turns off and then restarts again.

**I found other key combinations to use on older macs to Zap PRAM are Shift,Ctrl,Alt and power buttons,


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