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A repair page for the Kindle Fire HD 10 7th Generation Tablet/E-Reader by Amazon.

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Why won't my kindle fire hd 10 charge

My kindle fire hd 10 will not charge

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When I plug into a power supply my Fire HD 10 chimes and the lightning bolt icon appears and disappears. Screen says "charging" If I prop the input cable I can get the charging icon to stay on but it either stays at same level of charge or actually discharges (no doubt because screen stays on). charging port is very loose so I came here looking for a tutorial on replacing it. It involves soldering (not my forte) but I saw a tutorial for the previous version of FireHD10 and it didn't look that difficult.


I am having the same issue, my fire is 20 mos old


My daughter has the same problem with the kids version. It seemed to started after i took it apart to help dislodge a broken headphone jack. There's voltage getting to the battery terminals but it doesn't seem to get past the red battery warning.


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Steve West and Kenneth Browne sounds like you are having charging issues due to a bad connector. The connector is soldered to the motherboard so you will have to have the right tools and skills to solder small components on a motherboard. Anyhow, use something like this video to replace the port. Replacements are available at places like this

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