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A2115 / 2019 / Processors from 3.0 GHz 6-core i5, up to 3.6 GHz 8-core i9. Released March 19, 2019.

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Help with my keyboard woes, please?

This computer (and the keyboard that came with it) is only 4/5 months old.

I noticed my V key was sticking. Since I’ve used Mac for a while and had to clean and reattach keys before, I figured I could do it again. I took the key off and cleaned it but when I attempt to replace it, it stays stuck down. It will not bounce back up. Like an imbecile, I took off the neighboring key to see if I could figure it out.

Long story short….I now have two keys off that I can’t put back on correctly. Does anyone know what I did wrong and how to correctly reattach? Videos I watched on YouTube do not have the clips oriented the same as the keyboard I have now.

Keyboard model A1644



Thank you in advance.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Which keyboard do you have? I assume it's a real Apple unit

● Is it USB wired or a Bluetooth?

● Is it a compact model or the Extended model with the number pad?

If you're not sure take a picture and post it here, there should be a model sticker on the bottom Adding images to an existing question


@danj Done. Thank you.


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Review this guide iBook, PowerBook & MacBook Keycap removal & fitting

If you think you have a broken part here’s a good source for the needed part Magic Keyboard keys

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Thank you for the help, but that is not the same type of clip used on my keyboard. It is a different shape. I will see if I can get a good photo of it.


@tink78 - Take a look at this Apple Keyboard Key Repair Guide Magic Keyboard A1644 MLA22LL If you look on the back side of your keyboard it will have a label which would be useful to know.


@danj I added pictures of the back for you.

As for the link, I followed that tutorial but it didn't work. The key still stays stuck down.


@tink78 - Your second image of the back side with the model number was what was needed A1644


@danj That information was in the post. Thanks!


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