Logic Board? GPU? HDD? I get a white screen w/ distorted Apple logo.

2008 A1225 MB398LL/A

power > chime > white screen > distorted Apple logo > spinning wheel below that eventually stops… nothing (see video below)

I tried booting into safe mode and the distorted images rapidly cycles through the Apple logo, a circle with a line through it, and very rarely a folder with a question mark. When I let go of the shift key, it returns to the above procedure.

I tried recovery mode… nothing.

I tried resetting PRAM… nothing.

I tried target drive, the 2 external drives listed both guide me to restoring or reinstalling the OS. It attempts to install and then… nothing.

I called Apple and went through the same attempted solutions and the gentleman on the phone said it sounds like my HDD but can’t be certain.

I don’t want to spend a ton of money on an older machine, but would like to fix it if I can. A logic board is $16 and a 120GB SSD kit is $45ish… GPUs however are still $$$


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