PS2 with new laser takes LONG time to recognize discs

I have a 30001 R “fat” console that I’ve pulled out from the garage after many years. It wasn’t able to read any discs, so I purchased a new KHS-400C laser assembly through Amazon. After installing it in my console, it “works” but takes a very long time for discs to be recognized. I can very briefly see the laser as soon as the disc is inserted, then the disc will spin at varying speeds for about 50 seconds, during which I can hear the laser "clicking" (it appears to be moving the lens up and down to try and focus). After this time the disc will completely stop spinning for exactly 60 seconds, then it will spin up again and be recognized within a few seconds. It does not matter what type of disc it is, it takes a long time no matter what.

I correctly removed the anti-static solder point before installation. The laser that came out of it was also a KHS-400C. I have tried adjusting the laser positioning using the two adjustments (radial skew with large white cog, tangential skew with torx screw on the laser itself) but nothing has improved the behavior. I’ve even cleaned the new laser’s lens, just in case.

Has anyone seen this? Any recommendations?

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I am having this issue as well. For me though, CDs read immediately but DVDs take a long time to read. It will spin for a minute, stop, and then spin up again. But one thing I noticed was that the first time it is spinning there is no red laser through the disc. The second time there is. Maybe something with that?


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