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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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Do the iPad 3 Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Celullar model share the same parts?

I have a broken iPad 3 Wi-Fi (A1416) and it’s difficult to find another broken iPad 3 which I could use for spare parts.

I’ve found one now which i could get for 10$, but it’s the Wi-Fi + Celullar (A1430) model.

I only need the flex cable that connects the logic board with the camera and the power button.

Is this possible?

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Hi @visiblepanda ,

Don’t know the answer but the ifixit iPad 3 WiFi and 4G cable parts list shows the same Volume and Power button flex cable is used by both devices.

I realize that you said camera and power button cable but that cable is not shown in the list.

iPad 3 Volume and Power Button Cable Изображение


iPad 3 Volume and Power Button Cable


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After inspecting aliexpress, both models have indeed the same parts


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