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PowerBook 1.67 power button & keyboard backlight problems

Pressing or squeezing the upper case between power button and delete key sometimes yields sleep/cancel/restart screen, at other times yields flashing of sleep light, although the G4 is not sleeping. Is the power button assembly replaceable apart from a complete upper case? Could simple shorting to ground be the problem?

Keyboard lighting works as it should after either an OS update, or permissions repair. However, after the first sleep cycle after an update or permissions repair, keyboard lighting will not function at all-have to resort to Lab Tick manually. I do not know if this is software related, but appears to be.

Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L30); 160GB HDD; 2GB RAM; No other known problems.

Information/suggestions appreciated.

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Sounds fairly normal to me, the behavior you described is the same as when pressing the power button, on a lot of the older macs, pressing the case near a button sometimes presses it, for example, on my old MB, if I press to the right of my trackpad, the mouse button clicks. Nothing you should be too afraid of. Just treat that area as if it was the power button, unless you hold for a while on that area (as you would on a power button) it shouldn't cause too much trouble.

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OK-now how about the blinking sleep light, and the keyboard lighting. Related, you think?


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