XBox 360 immediately turns off

Product: XBox 360 S Console (Model 1439), 250GB.

XBox was in storage, when decided to setup it up to play.

Steps to reproduce the issue,

1. Removed 250 GB Hard Drive and confirmed there is no accessory connected to the console (to make the setup simple).

2. Connected the power supply cable to the console, brick and to the wall.

3. Light on Power Brick turns steady orange.

4. Pressed the Power button on the console. 

5. A single chime and fan turns like half a cycle, the console automatically switches off. The light on Power Brick turns steady red.

6. Removed the power supply cable from the brick. Waited till the light on Power Brick turns off.

7. Repeated Steps 2, 3 and 4. The result is the same as in Step 5.


Can you advice me how to go about to solve this ?


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