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Not displaying but turns on


I have a problem with my laptop acer 3050 i turn on and fan run about 20-30second and stop it doesn't display anything on the screen nothing at all

How can i fix it?

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1 ответ

I see this to fit in one of three possible issues (in order of likelyhood)

1. (since this is an older laptop) It may be a BIOS related issue and the RTC battery (small CR2032 coin cell inside the laptop) may need to be replaced for the laptop to boot. Most laptops should still boot without it but it has happened to me on a number of Acer laptops that this resulted in a fix.

2. A faulty RAM stick is causing the system to fail the POST and is resulting in the behavior mentioned. if you have a known good one lying around you can attempt to replace it with the known good one and see if it will start

NOTE: RAM this old tends to fail together and it is likely that (if there are two sticks) both have failed. Since all faulty RAM needs to be removed before the system before a successful start, please remove both sticks from the system when testing with a known good stick.

3. Motherboard/CPU/BIOS chip issue these are generally not considered economically viable fixed in most cases and are generally very difficult to diagnose and repair. you can confirm that this is NOT the issue by removing the ram out of the system and attempting to power it on, if you get any beeps or blinking lights the laptop is correctly attempting to POST and will confirm this is NOT the issue at hand

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