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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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I discovered the solution to my question, but it gets deleted as spam.

i posted a question a few days ago regarding my MacBook A1342 right and left speakers, and finally discovered the solution today.

I tried to post the answer for my own question, but it has been deleted (by moderators?), with negative reputation points included. I would like to have my answer restored, the negative reputation points removed, and to be able to accept my answer as the solution. could someone help me? Thanks so much.

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@the_kat - I’m sorry I really don’t know what happened to your answer in How to replace Left and Right Speakers in mid-2009 A1342 MacBook?. I’ve reopened it for you and I’ve posted a note to the Blog gods to roll back the negative votes. Here’s the request: Is iRobot having a bad day today?

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Thank you, Dan! the Blog Gods responded! you are a wonder worker (your posts are pretty awesome too!!!)


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